Indians Draft Preview: Sean Reid-Foley, RHP

Sean Reid-Foley- RHP Sandalwood High School in Jacksonville, Fla.


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Scouting Report

Sean Reid-Foley is my favorite prep pitcher in this draft class who might fall to the Indians come pick 21. He has the ideal athletic/thick frame with narrow shoulders, which will fill out as his weight training regime increases as a professional. As you can tell from this video, his delivery shows a bit of timing issues, a little wrap and transition delay which forces his arm slot to a high ¾ delivery.  Fastball was shown around 88-92 (93) mph that changed eye levels and showed good backspin. Along with that very crisp fastball, he showed solid command as the catchers mitt rarely moves from where he sets up.  He has an 88-89 mph two-seam fastball that showed very good tail and great sinking action which is usually seen with pitchers who throw 3/4. According to Baseball America, his slider was 78-79 mph with decent break at times. Several scouts agree that his slider  “…needs consistent rotation, as sometimes the offering rode too horizontal and hung up.” His changeup has hard sinking action which is very similar to his slider. Because of this, I predict he will abandon either the change up or slider in the near future.

Mike Melaragno

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