All-Star Game Preview: Kansas City

The Indians will be sending two players to the midsummer classic this year, a lot like last year when they sent the exact same two players. They are actually the only two players on the current 25 man roster that have any All-Star experience at all. The Indians are lucky to even have two players going as 6 of the last 10 years they have just sent one representitive. The Indians did have a few more deserving players as the Tribe currently holds the best offensive shortstop and second baseman along with the top closer and set up man. It would have been nice to see Jason Kipnis and Vinnie Pestano also get picked for this year’s team, but being the best at your position has nothing to do with getting into the All-Star game. Just like hitting home runs has nothing to do with the Home Run Derby. Right Robbie Cano, don’t ya know?

Last year Asdrubal Cabrera started at short stop after Derek Jeter stepped down and didn’t even go to the game after being voted in. This year Jeter will not make the same mistake and will be starting, with Cabrera the reserve short stop. Elvis Andrus is also on the team as a back up short stop so each player will likely get 3 innings a piece or less. Cabrera has been far more productive offensively than Andrus with 10 more home runs and 7 more RBI (on a team that scores less runs) so he should be the first short stop in the game after Jeter.

Chris Perez threw a scoreless inning of relief in the 2011 All-Star game and you couldn’t have asked much more out of him. In a game where starting pitchers only pitch from 1-3 innings, it’s amazing they let a closer get more than one out. Perez struck out one and allowed a hit in that inning. This year along with Pure Rage are relievers Ryan Cook (Oakland), Joe Nathan (Texas), Jim Johnson (Baltimore), and Fernando Rodney (Tampa Bay). Before his last game out, Perez was by far the leader of this group and should get enough respect to get his inning in this year’s contest.

Enjoy the game and remember, this one kind of counts.

Joseph Coblitz

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