Series Preview: Rangers at Indians

The Indians gave no signs during their recent series against Oakland that they are improving at all. After being swept by the second place Athletics, it’s hard to believe that the Tribe will do any better against the first place Rangers. In fact, the Indians have struggled mightily with Texas for the last few years without dealing with their current problems.

August 31st, 7:05 PM EDT: Ryan Dempster, RHP, 3-1, 5.46 ERA vs Ubaldo Jimenez, RHP, 9-13, 5.58 ERA

This is the last game of the month and due to three lengthy losing streaks, the Indians have won a total of five games going into this. They won four of the five over a span of six games against the Minnesota, Boston and Los Angeles. The other win came against the Yankees with Justin Masterson on the mound. A loss to the Rangers in this game would put an exclamation point on an already terrible month which must stand as one of the worst in Indians history. The good news is that the Rangers have a right hander on the mound (not that it really matters anymore) and that Jimenez has had some good starts this year. At least enough to think that he could possibly keep the Indians in the game this time. 

September 1st, 7:05 PM EDT: Scott Feldman, RHP, 6-10, 4.95 ERA vs Roberto Hernandez, RHP, 0-3, 7.53 ERA

Apparently Roberto Hernandez will be making this start after all after injuring his ankle and leaving his last start early. This should give the Indians a much better chance to win than they would have with either Jeanmar Gomez or Chris Seddon starting.

September 2nd, 1:05 PM EDT: Derek Holland, LHP, 9-6, 4.90 ERA vs Zach McAllister, RHP, 5-5, 3.82 ERA

This losing streak has even claimed McAllister as a victim, with his last start out being his worst all year. It was the first time he had been pulled from a game before the end of the fifth inning (excluding the one game that his defense gave up 7 unearned runs) and his five runs allowed were the most he has given up all year. Even given that, it was still the best start by an Indians pitcher in the series against Oakland. This team is in trouble, there is no hiding that. The only way to fix things is with money and a lot of it. One hitter is not enough to change this team. The Indians now need a minimum of three solid position players (first base, outfield and DH) for next season and at least one new starting pitcher. That might be enough to keep the Tribe out of last place.

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