Series Preview: Royals at Indians 9/28-30

With Bud Selig reaching a deal with the replacement umpires, we can be sure there will be no more awful calls like those that marred the White Sox series. Never mind, that was that other awful commissioner. 

The Indians did end up winning their second series of the month, with an opportunity at one more before September ends. Unlike the series with Chicago, this one will be absolutely irrelevant to the playoffs. The Indians win against the White Sox was enough to knock them out of first place and if they continue to push through these last two series, they could easily knock them out of the playoffs entirely.

September 28th, 7:05 PM ET: Will Smith, LHP, 6-8, 4.88 ERA vs David Huff, LHP, 2-0, 2.25 ERA

Huff pitched a great game his last time out, but was still unable to pitch less than 6 innings. Three of his four appearances have been good, but Tribe fans should keep from getting too excited since it is September and he has done this before.

September 29th, 7:05 PM ET: Jake Odorizzi, RHP, 0-1, 5.06 ERA vs Jeanmar Gomez, RHP, 5-8, 5.54 ERA

Gomez will be taking the spot in the rotation of Ubaldo Jimenez as the Indians starter has been declared out for the season. He will miss his last two scheduled starts. Huff was moved up a day so he will pitch on the days that Jimenez was actually scheduled, making him the only pitcher with two starts left. Gomez still has a chance to earn a spot next Spring the way he did this season, but he has probably pitched himself out of any probable place in the 2013 rotation.

September 30th, 1:05 PM ET: Luke Hochever, RHP, 8-15, 5.43 ERA vs Zach McAllister, RHP, 5-8, 4.25 ERA

McAllister is the one Indians starter who has earned his place in the 2013 rotation and this will be his last start of the year. Hopefully he can end the year strong against a rising Royals team.

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