All-Time Indians: Lee Fohl

Name: Leo Alexander Fohl Position: Manager Tribe Time: 1915-1919 DOB: 11/28/1876 As Manager W L T W%     Best Season (1917) 88 66 2 .571     Career 327 310 10 .505     Lee Fohl was Ohio, through and through. He was born in Lowell in 1876, then in his short career played […]

All-Time Indians: Sid Monge

Name: Isidro Pedroza Monge     Position: Relief Pitcher   Nick Name: Sid               Number: 43     Tribe Time: 1977-1981           DOB: 04/11/1951   Accolades: 1979 All-Star     Stats W L W% ERA G SV SVO IP H ER HR BB SO WHIP […]

All-Time Indians: Ed Beatin

Name: Ebenezer Abrose Beatin Position: Starting Pitcher     Tribe Time: 1889-1891       DOB: 08/10/1866       Stats W L W% ERA GS CG SHO IP H ER HR BB SO WHIP K/9 BAA Best Season (1889) 20 15 0.571 3.58 36 35 3 317.2 316 126 12 141 126 1.44 3.6 […]

All-Time Indians: Paul Shuey

Name: Paul Kenneth Shuey Position: Relief Pitcher                       Number: 53           Tribe Time: 1994-2002       DOB: 09/16/1970         Stats W L W% ERA G Hld SV SVO IP H ER HR BB SO WHIP K/9 BAA […]

All-Time Indians: Pat Tabler

Name: Patrick Sean Tabler     Position: First Base       Nick Name: Mr. Clutch           Number: 10         Tribe Time: 1983-1988         DOB: 02/02/1958       Accolades: 1987 All-Star         Stats G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI […]

Top 10 Indians Managers

It has always been debatable how much a manager effects a game, but they have always been the first to get credit for success or blamed for failure. In any event, the Cleveland Indians have had just 46 different managers over their 113 year history and only 25 of those managed in parts of at […]

All-Time Indians: Leon Wagner

Name: Leon Lamar Wagner       Position: Left Field Nick Name: Daddy Wags             Number: 27 Tribe Time: 1964-1968           DOB: 05/13/1934 Accolades: Top 21 MVP (1964, 1966)         Stats G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO SB CS […]

All-Time Indians: Dennis Eckersley

Name: Dennis Lee Eckersley     Position: Starting Pitcher       Nick Name: Eck               Number: 37         Tribe Time: 1975-1977           DOB: 10/03/1954       Accolades: Hall of Fame (2004), 1977 All-Star         Stats W L […]

All-Time Indians: Vic Power

Name: Victor Felipe Pellot Pove     Position: First Base       Nick Name: Vic Power           Number: 10         Tribe Time: 1958-1961         DOB: 11/01/1927       Accolades: 2 Time All-Star (1959-1960), 3 Time Gold Glove (1959-1961), Top 23 MVP (1959-1960)   […]

All-Time Indians: Orel Hershiser

Name: Orel Leonard Hershiser     Position: Starting Pitcher Nick Name: Bulldog               Number: 55   Tribe Time: 1995-1997           DOB: 09/16/1958 Stats W L W% ERA G CG IP H ER HR BB SO WHIP K/9 BAA Best Season (1995) 16 6 0.727 3.88 […]

All-Time Indians: Brett Butler

Name: Brett Morgan Butler     Position: Center Field       Tribe Time: 1984-1987           Number: 2                     DOB: 06/15/1957       Stats G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO SB CS SB% OBP SLG AVG OPS […]

All-Time Indians: Birdie Tebbetts

Name: George Robert Tebbetts   Manager/Catcher Nick Name: Birdie       15   Tribe Time: 1963-66/1951-52     11/10/1912 As Manager W L W% Finish                   Best Season (1965) 87 75 0.537 5 of 6                   Career 278 […]

All-Time Indians: Ray Narleski

Name: Raymond Edmond Narleski     Position: Closer Tribe Time: 1954-1958             Number: 20   Accolades: 2 Time All-Star (1956, 1958), Top 6 MVP 1955 DOB: 11/25/1928 Stats W L W% ERA G GS SV IP H ER HR BB SO WHIP K/9 BAA Best Season (1957) 11 5 0.688 […]

All-Time Indians: Patsy Tebeau

Name: Oliver Wendell Tebeau     Position: Third Base/Manager   Nick Name: Patsy                   Tribe Time: 1889-1898/1890-1898     DOB: 12/05/1864   As Player G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO SB OBP SLG AVG OPS Best Season (1893) 116 486 90 160 32 […]

Top 10 Spiders Pitchers

When discussing the Cleveland Spiders (and those Cleveland teams that came before them) it's always necessary to bring up the pitchers that made them great. We've already covered the hitters, but they can't compare to this list that includes the greatest pitcher in baseball history and a player who averaged more than 500 innings per […]