Lefty on Lefty Crime: The Secret to Lonnie Chisenhall’s Early Success

There are different types of left handed hitters. Some are like Michael Brantley, so valuable in the field and at the plate to remove from lineup despite having below average numbers against left handers (.756 career OPS vs RHP, .661 vs LHP). Some are like Jason Kipnis, who is an incredible hitter against pitchers against […]

How The Indians Defeated Both Verlander and Scherzer

The Indians not only swept the division leading Detroit Tigers, they did so by beating up their two aces in back to back games. The tribe’s offense, which has been vastly critiqued this season for not performing when it matters, collected a combined 23 hits 12 earned runs and 5 walks in 13 innings against […]

Roster Moves 5/22: The Cost of a Win

The Indians left it all on the field yesterday against the Tigers and they may be feeling the effects for some time. In the 13 inning win, the Indians used nine pitchers including Zach McAllister (2 IP), who started and Carlos Carrasco (2 IP) and Josh Tomlin (3 IP), who pitched in relief. In addition, […]

Economy and Ticket Sales

In any numerical list, there is an entity in first and an entity in last. When looking at ticket sales in Major League Baseball, the Indians are the entity in last. They have just averaged 12,871 fans per home game (all numbers as of May 16th), their lowest total since 1991 at Cleveland Stadium. While […]

Nick Swisher1

The Hardship of Playing First Base

First base has generally been known as the easiest defensive position on the field. You don’t need to be fast, like in the outfield, or agile, like at third base. It is the home of the 275 pound Prince Fielder and was the home of his 230 pound father, Cecil. It is a place the […]

Three Reasons Why The Indians Record Will Most Likely Improve

After watching the Indians play this weekend, it is easy to worry about what direction the team will take the remainder of the season.The Tribe was swept by the Oakland Athletics losing in the series-finale 13-3 Sunday at Progressive Field. The A’s outscored the Indians 30-6 during the three-game weekend-series, dropping the Indians 10-games back […]

Nyjer Morgan’s PCL Sprain and Other Injury Updates…

Nyjer Morgan (Sprained PCL in right knee; Placed on 15 DL on May 15th) Before Friday’s game against the Athletics, the Indians announced that outfielder Nyjer Morgan suffered a Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) sprain while he chased after a double by Toronto’s Adam Lind on Wednesday, May 14th. In an awkward half dive half tumble attempt […]

Asdrubal Cabrera’s Value Rises Along With His Bat

On the morning of April 29th, Asdrubal Cabrera arose from his bed in the team hotel room in Anaheim amidst an early season slump. His performance in the previous evenings game solidified what was a bad statistical April for the all-star shortstop: Going 0-4 with one strikeout while the Indians lost their 4th straight game […]

Kyle Crockett: The Next Relief Ace

The Indians have a different strategy when it comes to relief pitchers and it has been a long time coming. Rather than overspending on 39 year old closers, they have preferred to fill from below with players that perform at a similar level for a fraction of the cost. The latest in this line was […]

Is The “Closer By Committee” A Good Thing For The Tribe?

Before Saturday’s game against the Rays, Indians manager Terry Francona announced that John Axford will be taken out of the closer’s role and the team will employ a “closer by committee” for the foreseeable future. According to the skipper, any combination of Cody Allen, Scott Atchison, Mark Rzepczynski and Bryan Shaw will see time in […]

An Unexpected Battle: Nyjer Morgan takes on Michael Bourn

We spend all Spring Training talking about positional battles and roster decisions like they will be permanent, but it continues throughout the season. The most recent of these has come to the surface during the past week as Nyjer Morgan, who has replaced Michael Bourn in center field while he missed time with injury, has […]

Killing Two Birds with One Ball

The Indians have had a few problems this season (obviously given their 17-19 record), but some of these may be more to do with stubbornness than talent. While the Indians’ defense overall has not been great, it is unfair to stigmatize everyone as a whole. For example, the Indians outfield currently boasts a .990 fielding […]

The Media: Friend or Foe To Nick Swisher.

Nick Swisher created a small stir among the Cleveland media last week after he expressed frustration with them about how the club was being written about during a recent slump. After a 12-5 lop-sided victory against the White Sox on May 2, he spoke his mind saying: “There have been a lot of bad things […]

DL Abuse: The Jason Giambi Story

Jason Giambi was placed on the disabled list yesterday, but to call him disabled is an injustice, instead, maybe he should be referred to as “differently abled.” Giambi hurt his calf a few days ago during an at bat against the White Sox (he couldn’t have hurt it running as he is yet to reach […]

Lonnie Chisenhall Proves How RBI Are Overrated

For those who have read Money Ball or any similar, recent statistical analysis, you already know that situational counting stats, like RBI, wins and saves are considered to be incredibly overrated by the new school. While this is generally discussed with an all encompassing view, Lonnie Chisenhall has provided perfect anecdotal evidence of the same […]