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Tribe 25 Man Roster Prediction: Naquin Makes It!

The Indians made a few announcements yesterday that certainly made it a good Friday. In addition, a few players who were originally considered to only have a marginal chance at making the bullpen have moved up in the order thanks to cuts and improved play of late. In addition to the cuts listed below, from […]

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Indians One Stop Option Shop

When figuring out how many options a player has, I wish you luck, because it’s not an easy thing to find. Understanding them however, isn’t so hard. It’s almost as simple as knowing how many times someone on your 40-man roster can still be optioned to the minors, but because it’s baseball things are never […]


The Tale Of Naquin

Drafting 15th in 2012, the Indians selected Texas A&M right fielder Tyler Naquin in the first round. A collegiate standout, Naquin earned the Big 12 Player of the Year Award before the Tribe selected him and shifted him from right field, where he started 115 games as a freshman and sophomore, to center field where he […]


Depth Chart Diving: Evaluating the Indians Bench

Simply put, the Cleveland Indians bench will take on a more significant and perhaps critical role in 2016. The Tribe will need to maximize its offensive output by smartly working match-ups with platoon options and with quality role players who can fill multiple offensive and defensive needs within a game. Gone from the team are […]

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Tribe 25 Man Roster Prediction: For the Byrd

With just about two weeks left in Spring Training there are a few major variables left that are causing a lot of unknowns on the expected 25 man roster. The biggest of these is the health of Michael Brantley, but also the statuses of Juan Uribe and Marlon Byrd, the Indians two most recent additions. […]


Nightmare in the Outfield Turning Dream Come True?

The outfield has been a big topic of conversation among Tribe fans and writers since word came out that left fielder Michael Brantley was likely to start the season on the DL, possibly until sometime in May. There was a tempered, but frantic search for someone to take the place in the left field corner […]

Roberto Perez

Dual Threat: Digging into the Tribe’s Back Stops

The Cleveland Indians head into the 2016 with a talented and deep roster. Part of the talent includes having two catchers on the 25-man roster who are very good at their craft. Together, both are a formidable duel and proven assets to a team in contention. In fact, many teams would love to have two […]


Byrd Is The Word In Goodyear

With the exception of Michael Brantley making his 2016 playing debut, Byrd was the word in Goodyear on Thursday. Several sources announced the signing of the 38 year old to a minor league deal, pending a physical at the time of this publication. At 38, most players with Byrd’s skill set join Adam LaRoche to enjoy […]


Central Division Showdown: Detroit Tigers

I have this picture in my head, of a tiger on its last legs. Old, broken down, depleted of its energy, doesn’t seem to be the threat that it once was. He still has his claws, and his teeth, but with little strength left to use them. Then along comes a child who’s young, fast […]

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Tribe Looking for Improved Stability at the Corners

Nobody likes going to the dentist. So if you just had a root canal or have one coming soon, I’d advise you to skip ahead a few paragraphs. The following few aren’t exactly a stroll through a childhood trip to Disneyland. Do you remember a time when the Indians had one player lead the team […]

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Tribe 25 Man Roster Prediction: First Cuts 2016

This is our third look at the Indians potential 25 man roster now that the first cuts have been made. There were seven players cut this time around including six pitchers and one position player. Of these, only one had previous Major League experience and he was the only one to be a huge surprise […]

Clevinger pitches during MLB action at Goodyear Ballpark in 2016. - Joseph Coblitz, BurningRiverBaseball

This Week in Tribe: Week Two in Review

The second week of Spring Training went by pretty smoothly for the Indians as no players were injured and those who came into the week hurt (Michael Brantley) progressed nicely. Many players performed as expected, but a few exceeded early expectations, particularly Michael Clevinger and Tyler Naquin who both are taking advantage of the early […]

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How Potent Can Indians’ Middle Infield be in 2016?

While the Cleveland Indians’ starting rotation has deservedly earned the recognition as the team’s biggest area of strength, the case can be made that the Tribe’s middle infield isn’t far behind. If Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor play up to their potential, there is no question that Cleveland’s middle infielders can match up with anyone […]


Central Division Showdown: Minnesota Twins

After a very slow start and successfully stemming a run of four straight seasons with 92 losses or more, the youthful Twins hope to build on those gains with an even stronger postseason push in 2016. It will not be easy, however. Of course, the world series champion Kansas City Royals are in the same […]

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Taking a Peek at The Indians’ Starting Rotation

If the Tribe is going to make it back to the play-offs this season, it is going to come on the backs of their starting rotation. Since the end of the 2014 season, the Indians have created a trio of starting pitchers that only few teams in all of baseball can rival Corey Kluber, Carlos […]