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Tribe Time Now Special Report: The Bourn & Swisher Trade

The Cleveland Indians trade Michael Bourn and Nick Swisher to the Atlanta Braves for Chris Johnson and a bunch of money. Special host Damien Bowman (@JimPeteEHC) and Michael Hattery (@stephanieliscio) of It’s Pronounced “Lajaway”, Mike Brandyberry (@MajorLeagueJake) of Indians Baseball Insider to discuss.

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Tribe Time Now: No More Mr. Nice Guy

Joe Coblitz (@DidTribeWin) helps him out. Discussed in with are the Indians current troubles thanks to their weak (and getting weaker) lineup. In addition, we get deep into whether or not Chris Antonetti & Mark Shapiro are good at their jobs and whether losing Terry Francona would be worth firing them. Finally, they get in […]

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Weekend Update 8/2: Sands & Chisenhall to the Rescue

The Cleveland Indians cleared up space in right field so they could start giving their youngsters a shot over the next two months, right? So of course, that means the Indians call up both Jerry Sands and Lonnie Chisenhall as replacements. Now that Jason Kipnis is going on the DL, will Francona keep his eight […]

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Weekend Update 7/26: Everybody Hates Carlos

Joe Coblitz (@HatmanEHC) of Everybody Hates Cleveland fame to discuss a little controversy in Cleveland. How should you react to the Johnny Cueto trade? Is it ok to root for the Royals if the Indians are out of it? Did Jason Kipnis just call out Carlos Santana for his bear like lack of hustle? Was Jesus Aguilar […]

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Tribe Time Now: The Pre-Trade Deadline Episode

Stephanie Liscio (@RThompAK13) of More Than a Fan: Cleveland for the 23rd episode of Tribe Time Now! Stephanie and Ryan discuss the Milwaukee series in review, potential trade ideas from IPL, interest in Santana and Mike Aviles, the AL Central’s vast starting pitching marketplace, the shady PR area of announcing why the Indians aren’t trading Mike Aviles, Larry […]

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Weekend Update 7/19: The Good, The Bad & The Extremely Ugly

Joe Coblitz (@BirdmanCLE) of Indians Baseball Insider chat about the horrors that have befallen the Indians since the All-Star break and some good stuff as well. In addition, what to do with Swisher and who, what and when to buy, sell or both at the trade deadline. Make sure to tune in again next week when my […]

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Tribe Time Now All-Star Round Table: The Bourn Trajectory

Joe Coblitz (@stephanieliscio) of It’s Pronounced “Lajaway”, Hayden Grove (@JimPeteEHC) of Everybody Hates Cleveland, and Mike Brandyberry (@RThompAK13) of More Than a Fan: Cleveland  are together again for the mid-season round table of Tribe Time Now. In this edition, the crew discusses the All-Star Game, The Home Run Derby, the first half in review, potential […]

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Weekend Update 7/5: Almost Perfect

Joe Coblitz (@CMB1979) from It’s Pronounced Lajaway discuss the most recent week in Indians baseball and you know what that means, pitching, pitching, pitching. In addition to pitching, there will be no hitting and a discussion on the new direction the Tigers are taking without Miguel Cabrera. Also without Cabrera, they discuss how the American […]

CLEVELAND, OH -  JUNE 24: Carlos Santana #41 of the Cleveland Indians hits a two RBI double during the third inning against the Detroit Tigers at Progressive Field on June 24, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

Change You Can’t Count On: Why Ty Van Burkleo Should Not Be A Scapegoat

Yesterday, Joseph Coblitz gave his argument for the firing of Indians hitting coach Ty Van Burkleo. In interest of fairness, today Mike Melaragno brings you his take on why he shouldn’t be let go. The recent offensive struggles from the Indians have the media, fans, national pundits and writers on this website wondering whether change […]