Burning River Radio Gets on the Juice

This is a very special episode of Burning River Radio where in we discuss the merits of using performance enhancing drugs to get good at things, specifically, baseball. I'll refrain from going into any more detail here to keep the opinions a mystery, but know that this is a must listen for baseball (not just […]

Burning River Radio Ep. 8

Finally, Burning River Radio returns to your internets! This is the episode in which Mike admits he picked the White Sox to win the World Series this year and Joe discusses his beard trimming habits. Also included is extensive coverage of the current Indians vs. Tigers series, division race and everything that is entailed. Following […]

Burning River Radio Trivia Challange!

Burning River Radio is back after an unintentional break with our trivia challange. In this episode, Joe makes up a "Stump the Schwab" style quiz full of Indians trivia for Mike to answer. You can play along with some of the questions on Round one is available here and rounds two through four are […]

Burning River Radio Ep. 7

Here is another glorious episode of Burning River Radio, presented by On this episode we talk about the Tribe's recent success, Nick Swisher's injury and sabrmetrics as a whole. Part of today's discussion was inspired by this video of Hawk Harrelson speaking on the MLB Network from our sister site, Awful Announcing. During this […]

Burning River Radio Ep. 6

There were a few technical difficulties while recording this one, so be aware that it may sound a little odd in places. Still definitely worth a listen. The boys talk about upcoming roster moves, the Ubaldo Jimenez trade, predicting series outcomes and the current state of the Indians farm system.  Anyway, here is the episode […]

Burning River Radio Ep. 5

Check out the best episode of Burning River Radio yet! Listen to Mike's great argument about why Bob Wickman's number should be retired throughout the league because he was the first teletubby to play professional baseball. Also, there are things we actually talked about like Mariano Rivera Day, Killing the AAA Astros, retiring the 1995 […]

Burning River Radio Episode 4

Joe and Mike recorded another episode of Burning River Radio for your listening pleasure: On this episode they discuss the Indians first week of baseball, including Ubaldo Jimenez's first start, Mark Reynolds power streak and Trevor Bauer's Indians debut. There is also an in depth discussion on the difference a manager can make in the […]

2013 Season Expectations

Joe's Expectations There has been no season in recent history where the Indians have entered the season feeling so positive. Everything started with the signing of Terry Francona which completely changed the perspective of everyone in Cleveland. A slew of big free agent signing filled all the holes in the roster when it had looked […]

Burning River Radio

Burning River Baseball is evolving. Starting in the 2013 baseball season we will be introducing a new aspect of the site, Burning River Radio. This will essentially take over the Indians Arguments segment of the site, giving you an audio version of the debates that initially inspired the creation of this site. Mike and myself […]

Indians Predictions 2013

Indians arguments is back with our predictions for the 2013 season. This year (after epically blowing all of our MLB predictions) we will be sticking with what we know, the Cleveland Indians. We have three categories of predictions this season. First is the Indians leaders for the triple crown stats (wins, strike outs, ERA, home […]

MLB Prediction Review

Prior to the season starting the writers for Burning River Baseball made some predictions about all of Major League Baseball as well as for the Indians more specifically. We didn't fare all that well on the team predictions, so let's see how the big league predictions went. Joe American League National League Correct Central East […]

BRB Team Prediction Review

Prior to the season starting, the writers at Burning River Baseball made some bold predictions of what would happen during the Indians season. We also made predictions for all of baseball that will be reviewed after the World Series. Team Leaders Joe Jen Actual Batting Average Jason Kipnis Asdrubal Cabrera Michael Brantley – .288 Home […]

2012 MLB Predictions

2011 American League National League Central East West Central East West Tigers Yankees Rangers Brewers Phillies Diamondbacks Indians Rays* Angels* Cardinals* Braves* Giants White Sox Red Sox Athletics Reds Nationals Dodgers Royals Blue Jays Mariners Pirates Mets Rockies Twins Orioles Cubs Marlins Padres Astros   Joe American League National League Central East West Central East […]

Indians Arguments: 2012 Team Predictions

In an effort to show how wrong we can be, Burning River Baseball presents our predictions for the Cleveland Indians 2012 season.  Team Leaders Joe Jen 2011 Batting Average Jason Kipnis Asdrubal Cabrera Asdrubal Cabrera, .273 Home Runs Carlos Santana Carlos Santana Carlos Santana, 27 RBI Travis Hafner Shin-Soo Choo Asdrubal Cabrera, 92 Wins Justin […]

Indians Arguments: 2012 Bullpen

Joe: We have come to the last installment of four in our discussions of the Cleveland Indians roster make-up. All that is left to discuss is the unit known as the Bullpen Mafia. How do you feel about the Mafia? Mike: Unlike the real mafia, bullpens are extremely hard to predict. There is very little […]