9/28 Game Recap: Indians 4 – Tigers 5

Player of the Game Zach McAllister had an outstanding outing tonight, winning him his only “Player of the Game” award of the season. McAllister’s score of 4.37 comprised of 5 innings pitched. He allowed 6 hits, just one for extra bases. McAllister struck out 4 and walked only one batter. The one run that was […]

9/27 Game Recap: Indians 6 – Tigers 9

Player of the Game Jim Thome provided the Tribe with some offense tonight as he won his 2nd “Player of the Game” award since rejoining the Indians. Thome singled, doubled, and walked. He also scored 2 runs and drove in one, giving him a PoG score of 4.06. Feathers Up The Indians provided some offense […]

9/26 Game Recap: Indians 0 – Tigers 14

Player of the Game The Indians total team score of -17.17 made this game the worst of the season for the Tribe and I don’t think anyone can really question that. With that in mind it is hard to give anyone a ‘Player of the Game’ award, so I will just mention the two players […]

9/25 Game Recap: Twins 6 – Indians 4

Player of the Game Shelley Duncan won his 2nd “Player of the Game” in 2 games with a score of 4.48. Duncan singled in the first inning and hit a 2-run home run in the third. Duncan now has 11 award on the year, tying him for 2nd best on the team. This is very […]

9/24 Double Header Recap: Indians sweep

Player of the Game Game 1: Jason Kipnis won the ‘Player of the Game’ in game one with 2 hits, 2 runs scored and 2 RBI. Kipnis walked to start off the 6 run 6th inning. Shelley Duncan also had a great game with 3 RBI on a double and a sac fly. Game 2: […]

9/23 Game Recap: Twins 5 – Indians 6

Player of the Game Jim Thome won ‘Player of the Game’ on his night with a score of 5.86 powered by an opposite field double and a deep home run to center field. Thome also hit a single and knocked in three runs. Matt LaPorta also had a nice night with 3 hits, 2 RBI […]

9/22 Game Recap: White Sox 2 – Indians 11

Player of the Game Asdrubal Cabrera stole this ‘Player of the Game’ away from Kosuke Fukudome with an RBI single in the bottom of the 8th. Before this single, Cabrera hit another single and a 3 run home run. The home run was the final nail in the coffin for the White Sox. Fukudome had […]

9/21 Game Recap: White Sox 8 – Indians 4

Player of the Game The Indians did not have any offense until the 6th inning. That all changed when Pronk slammed a 2-run shot over the right field wall. This was Travis Hafner‘s 13th home run of the year, earning him the “Player of the Game” award tonight with a score of 4.43. This is […]

9/20 Game 2 Recap: White Sox 5 – Indians 4

Player of the Game Nick Hagadone won his second “Player of the Game” award tonight with a score of 2.56. Hagadone pitched 1.2 scoreless innings with a walk and 2 strike outs. Zach McAllister was not far behind tonight with a score of 2.44. Jim Thome proved to be the best offensive player tonight. He […]

9/20 Game Recap: White Sox 4 – Indians 3

Player of the Game Travis Hafner hit a two run home run early in the game to give the Indians a lead, and the winning margin. He also had a single later in the game as well. Kosuke Fukudome, Asdrubal Cabrera also scored well with home runs of their own, as did the relief pitchers, […]

9/19 Game Recap: Mariners 12 – Indians 6

Player of the Game Asdrubal Cabrera won today’s ‘Player of the Game’ with 3 hits and 3 RBI. Cabrera knocked in his first two in his first at bat with a two run home run. The next inning, Cabrera came up with Jason Donald on base again and scored him with a double. His third […]

9/18 Game Recap: Indians 6 – Twins 5

Player of the Game Shelley Duncan hit a home run and a double, knocking in 3 runs, which gave him his 10th “Player of the Game” award of the season with a score of 6.18. Both feats happened in the 6-run 7th inning. Duncan led off the inning with a solo home run, and came […]

9/17 Game Recap: Indians 10 – Twins 4

Player of the Game Jason Kipnis was today’s “Player of the Game” with a score of 6.62. His score today consisted of a single, a double, and a triple. He also scored three times and knocked in 2 runs. This is his 5th PoG award of the year. Carlos Santana‘s home run, single, and 2 […]

9/16 Game Recap: Indians 7 – Twins 6

Player of the Game With the win, Ubaldo Jimenez wins his second ‘Player of the Game’ award since entering Cleveland. With a score of 5.73, Jimenez just beat out a couple of offensive stars (Lonnie Chisenhall 5.35 and Jim Thome 4.43) for the honor. Jimenez pitched another great game, going 6.1 innings and only allowing […]

9/15 Game Rsecap: Indians 7 – Rangers 4

Player of the Game With 2 hits, 2 runs scored an RBI and a walk, Shelley Duncan won his 9th ‘Player of the Game’ of the season. This is his 4th award in the Indians last 11 games. Duncan has been especially impressive of late as he has been forced to play the outfield, rather […]