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Do You Wahoo? Episode 3: Toth, Cunningham, Morrison

In the third episode of Do You Wahoo? Joe Coblitz (@TheBobToth) of Did the Tribe Win Last Night?, Danny Cunningham (@VernMorrison) of It’s Pronounced “Lajaway” as they fight to be the supreme leader of episode 3.   Game: Opening Round: Top career strike outs & single season steals leaders Was it Me? Joe Carter Line-Up […]

during game five of the American League Divison Series at Kauffman Stadium on October 14, 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri.

Burning River 2015 League Predictions Revisited

Prior to the 2015 season, the Burning River Baseball staff, in particular myself, Joseph Coblitz, Mike Melaragno, Jen Coblitz, Kevin Gall, John Hutchison and our outside view, Cody Slaybaugh from ESPN 970, made predictions for both the Indians season and some outcomes around the league. Those for the Indians can be seen here, but we […]

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Tribe Time Now: Heating a Cold Stove

Free flowing discussion of the off-season be it where to target for improvement, who to target or what assets the Indians should use. Hosts: Mike Hattery | Everybody Hates Cleveland | Twitter Jeff Ellis | |

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Tribe Time Now: Do You Wahoo Episode 2

In the second episode of Do You Wahoo? Joe Coblitz (@Eebs2k) of Did the Tribe Win Last Night, Jeff Rich (@CMB1979) of It’s Pronounced Lajaway as they vie for the title of Tribe Know it All. Games: Top career home runs & single season wins leaders Who’s Got More? Line-Up Card: 1954 & 1948 Where […]

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Tribe Time Now: Ryan Raburn, Key to World Series Victory?

Joe Coblitz (@zank17) of More Than A Fan early for some World Series talk then later on by regular guests Bob Toth (@cle_ItIsGone) also of Burning River stop by to chat about the removal of Ryan Raburn, the front office war of words and some possible free agent upgrades for the Tribe. Topics: Royals v. […]

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Do You Wahoo? Episode 1

Joe Coblitz (@StephanieLiscio) of It’s Pronounced Lajaway, Mike Melaragno (@sportsnom) of Everybody Hates Cleveland. No hints on who won or lost, but a word of warning, lower you expectations. Rounds: Top career ERA & single season runs leaders Spelling Bee Line-Up Card: 1994 & 2004 Odd Man Out: Power Hitters & Short Term Closers Remember When? […]

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Tribe Time Now: Trade the Farm for 2016

Stephanie Liscio (@THEBobToth) of Did the Tribe Win Last Night?, and Joe Coblitz (@_TribeTimeNow) for off-season schedule updates including the brand new and exciting game show, Do You Wahoo?!

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Weekend Update 9/25: How to Not Throw a No-No

Joe Coblitz (@TheBobToth) from Did the Tribe Win Last Night? and Noah Gross of It’s Pronounced Lajaway to discuss their collective superfandom of Lonnie Chisenhall, the Indians play-off chances (not good) and what a playa’s gotta do to get a no hitter around here.

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Minor League Report: Season in Review

Todd Paquette (@KGall216) discuss how 2015 went for the Indians’ entire farm system. Topics: Season in review: who surprised us and who fell short of expectations Players to look out for next year Top 5 prospects after this season

Weekend Update 9/20: Is This For Real?

Joe Coblitz (@CodySlaybaugh) of ESPN970 to talk about the Indians play-off chances, whether or not a few players can continue their success and to congratulate the 2015 International League Champion Columbus Clippers.

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Weekend Update 9/13: And Finally There Was Baseball

The Cleveland Indians had rolled into their “Doubleheader Day.” With a chance to shake things up, the Indians dominated the Tigers in Game One, and jumped out to a 2-0 lead in Game 2, before getting shellacked, falling to 4 ½ games back in the wildcard, with Minnesota and the Angels still in the lead. […]

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Tribe Time Now: Babip-ing Our Way Through the Day

Mike Hattery (@BRBBlog) from Burning River Baseball for a nice talk about the Tribe’s play-off chances in 2015. Since that doesn’t take very long, they also chat about how Josh Tomlin is and isn’t like Trevor Bauer, how Lonnie Chisenhall is and isn’t a good baseball player and how we’ll never know what kind of man Jesus […]

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Weekend Update: Is it 2016 Yet?

Hayden Grove (@MajorLeagueJake) joined forces for the IBI Edition of the Tribe Time Now Weekend Update, after the Indians took two-out-of-three against the Tigers on Sunday afternoon. Though the Indians are technically still in the playoff race, Hayden and Jake seem to believe that the team won’t be able to do enough in the rest […]

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Tribe Time Now: Trevor Bauer’s Hot Zones & Mark Shapiro’s Expatriation

Damien (@stephanieliscio) from It’s Pronounced Lajaway talk about a myriad of topics. Why are Trevor Bauer‘s mechanic’s so bad? Mark Shapiro is the best president the Indians have ever had. True or false? The Indians are still afraid of Miguel Cabrerra (for whatever reason). So, get ready for that this weekend. Stephanie gives us an update […]