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Baseball & Brews: Welcome To My House

This week on Baseball and Brews, Brad (@BradWojdyla) and I (@cle_itisgone) are joined by two guests who have come to drink our fall beers and call us (mostly me) out in our own studio home! BuringRiverBaseball’s own Mike Melaragno (@MikeMelaragno22) and radio personality from 107.5 TheFox and 98.3 Th Bull’s Jordan Whetson (@JordanOnRadio)! In this […]

Baseball & Brews

Baseball and Who? (Glenn!)

This week on CLEbaseball&brews Brad (@BradWojdyla) and I are joined by WTAM 1100’s own Glenn Forbes (@GlennForbes1)! The three of us chat about Michael Brantley being out for the rest of the season and why it’s a good thing (and why Gomes should be sat too). Also, Josh Tomlin and Abraham Almonte: what do they […]

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Tribe Time Now: Bye-Bye Lonnie

The Tribe Time Now round table is reconvened to discuss the Indians recent struggles. Is it really time for fans to worry, or are the Indians built to make the playoffs? Jim Pete (

Baseball & Brews

Baseball & Brews: Trades & Non Trades

This week on baseball and brews, Best Friend Brad (@BradWojdyla) and I (@cle_itisgone) weigh in on the pick-up of LHP Andrew Miller from the Yankees, and the “loss” of Brewers catcher Jonathan Lucroy. What both of these moves say about where the Indians’ heads are at going into the final stretch of the season, and […]

Baseball & Brews

Cleveland Baseball and Brews: The Gift Of Trade Talk!

Merry Christmas in July from us at Cleveland Baseball and Brews! This week our guest, Hayden Grove (@H_Grove) from, hangouts with Best Friend Brad (@BradWojdyla) and I (@cle_itisgone). Hayden brings the gift of Great Lakes Christmas Ale and trade talks into the studio! The only way to celebrate! The three of us almost seem to […]


Burning River baseball on Baseball PHD Podcast

This week I was on the Baseball PHD podcast with Ed Kasputis talking about what the Indians needed to do to go all the way and a little bit about Ashtabula for some reason. Make sure to check out Ed’s site at as he comes out with a new podcast each week.