BRR 2.22: Burning River Radio Goes Number 2

In an unforeseen twist, Joe & Mike discuss the greatness of the Yankee captain and why it matters to the Indians. That leads into a discussion of another all time great, who may, or may not be worthy of an equal amount of honor. We debate, we decide. Sorry for the abrupt ending, but we […]

BRR 2.21: Cleveland’s Power Trio, Johnny Football, Bronny Basketball & Clint

Everyone wants to know where LeBron James is going to go and only Burning River Baseball has the scoop (don’t worry, it’s a short discussion). Also included, Indians All-Star snubs, possible trade candidates and why Carlos Santana is Carlos Santana. Seriously, we know who LeBron is signing with and what would have happened if Justin […]

Burning River Radio 2.20: Blue Loves Red

The Indians are on a hot streak, winning four of their last five, so we try to keep things positive. Because of this, we avoid talking about certain first basemen and stick to players that can actually hit. Also included is a bit of a preview for the upcoming series with Detroit and a game […]

Burning River Radio 2.19: Texas Sized

Lay back and listen to the smooth sounds of Burning River Radio. Joe and Mike will tickle your eardrums with delightful tales of Texas wins and Kansas City losses. Make sure to remember the greatness of Lonnie Chisenhall and his magical game as we work to find a way to get Jason Giambi off the […]

Burning River Radio 2.18: Drafting the Next Michael Aubrey

Joe & Mike cover the past, present and future from High School to the pros, then back down to Independent ball. Included is the first day of draft picks by the Cleveland Indians during the 2014 Amateur Draft starting with Bradley Zimmer. Also discussed is the proper way to build a baseball team with the […]

Burning River Radio 2.18: To Be the Best, You Have to #BeatDetroit

Another exciting week of Indian baseball has come to a close and Joe and Mike are here to tell you all about it. Since we last left you, the Indians have played a ton of innings, had some injuries and there have been heroes on both sides. In addition to what has already happened, we […]

Burning River Radio 2.17: Giambi Rides Again

Joe & Mike discuss the return of Jason Giambi, Trevor Bauer and Justin Sellers and try to keep things as cordial as possible. Also, why does Nick Swisher suck, why are the Tigers a more fun opponent than the A’s and what is the best type of cream based soup? You’ll never know the answers […]

Burning River Radio: 2.16

It was a light week in Indians baseball, so this episode focuses on the current Major League standings and what they mean for the Indians, teams like the Rays and players like Asdrubal Cabrera. Also covered is the Tribe’s current injury front, including who is most likely to depart when Jason Giambi comes back from […]

Burning River Radio 2.15

Burning River Radio gets political with a discussion about the upcoming vote for issue seven in Cleveland. Of course, before that, there is the normal talk about the last week in Indians baseball, including the record setting Sunday and the current injury situation with plenty of Giambi trashing. If you have a comment on the […]

Burning River Radio 2.14

The Indians are in a slump and we don’t really want to talk about it, but what else is there. Instead of focusing on the negative, we give solutions to a few of the Indians problems, discuss the importance of Carlos Carrasco moving to the bullpen and how the team will turn things around in […]

Burning River Radio 2.13

On this episode of “Everybody Hates Jason” the Jason haters discuss how Jason Giambi will bring about the apocalypse and how only Jesus (Aguilar) can save the world. This is really important stuff. Also included is a recapping of every single Indians error from the past ten years and a debate about which should have […]

Burning River Baseball 2.12

There in we discuss the most recent week of Indians baseball including the four game series against the White Sox. Main topics include the Indians rotation, specifically Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco and what to expect of them in the future. In a similar vein, we try to figure out whether the recent surge from […]

Burning River Radio 2.11

Here is another glorious episode of Burning River Radio, brought to you by This time around we talk about the second week of Indians baseball in 2014 and all it entailed. This includes the Indians double header policy (there have been a few), the fantastic pitching the second time around and how Nick Swisher […]

Burning River Radio 2.10

Burning River Radio gets back to it’s roots and the whole reason it was originally called Indians Arguments. You want Bugs Bunny style arguments over whether a runner was safe or out? You got it! In this episode we discuss the effects of the new replay and home plate collision rules, especially one play in […]

Burning River Radio 2.9

Burning River Radio crams an entire month of Spring speculation into one episode, discussing the recently announced 25 man roster and the ramifications there-of. At the end of all that, we go over the Burning River Predictions for the 2014 Indians season. These are generally widely incorrect and, as they say, a hoot. Click Here […]