Burning River Radio 2.6

Spring Training is here and with it another glorious episode of Burning River Radio. This time we chat about pitchers and catchers reporting, Michael Brantley's new hair extensions and how it will affect Justin Masterson's baldness. Also covered is what the Indians offense will look like in 2017 (really awesome) and a top ten list […]

Burning River Radio 2.5

This time around the guys delve deep into the arbitration discussions of Vinnie Pestano, Justin Masterson and most importantly, Josh Tomlin. In addition, there is further discussion on the job prospects of Ubaldo Jimenez, Travis Hafner and Grady Sizemore. After some unnecessary trashing of a soon-to-be senior citizen, Mike gave his recommendation of Dirk Hayhurst's […]

Burning River Radio 2.4

Here, to bring you some more off-season, Indians insight, the Burning River Boys are back with another episode of Burning River Radio. This time, they discuss the new replay rules and what they could have been as well as the extension of Dodgers ace, Clayton Kershaw. In addition, other news pieces are covered inlcuding the […]

Burning River Radio 2.3: Hail to the Chief

The boys are back to bring you another fantastic episode of  Burning River Baseball, this time hitting on some big off-season topics. First, they cover the Baseball Hall of Fame class of 2014 (congrats to Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas) and discuss the role of the steroid scandal in voting and if any […]

Burning River Radio 2.2

In the second episode of the off-season, we forgo current events to talk about what Major League Baseball could (or needs) to do to speed up the game. In "Sports in other Media" we discussed the merits of Moneyball, the book and why some old timers can't stand it's existence. The Top 10 list of […]

2013 Prediction Review

Prior to the season starting, the staff of Burning River Baseball got together to make some bold predictions about what would happen by the end of the season, guessing the team award winners (handed out earlier this week), triple crown stat leaders and the final disposition of the AL Central. Being as bold as we […]

Burning River Radio 2.1

With the end of the Indians season, Burning River Baseball is moving on to season two. There are a few changes to formatting that are discussed within the episode, but essentially, we are adding two new segments, "Sports in Other Media" and the "Top Ten List of the Week." On this episode, we talk about […]

Burning River Radio 14: Play-Off Predictions

The first postseason episode of Burning River Radio wherein the guys discuss the upcoming Wild Card game between the Indians and Rays and the two "play-off" games that have already happened, the Rays vs Rangers and the Pirates vs Reds. In addition big predictions for the rest of the post season were made and lines […]

Burning River Radio 13

We're back, with another golden episode of Burning River Radio. This time, the guys speak of such glorious topics as the play-offs (play-offs), Chris "Is he still raging?" Perez and the return of Justin Masterson. There is also a twenty minute argument about the inclusion of Vinnie Pestano on the play-off roster, filled with interruptions […]

Burning River Radio 12

The boys are back with Burning River Radio episode 12, with plenty of talk about the smoking hot Wild Card chase, including, but not limited to, whether the Athletics and Tigers still matter, what we expect to happen and how chaotic things could possibly get. They also discuss Justin Masterson's injury (and who his replacement […]

Burning River Radio 11

We're back with the 11th episode of Burning River Radio, in which the guys discuss how to be a real dude bro like Nick Swisher, whether losing three to the Braves is better or worse than losing two to the Tigers and what the Indians need to happen to return to the play-offs. Also included […]

Burning River Radio 10

The boys are back with another beautiful episode of Burning River Radio. This time they take on the current state of the Tribe, including an unnecessary long discussion on the Detroit Tigers. Also included was an evaluation of new signee, David Cooper, what casino game Jason Giambi is akin to and where does Carlos Carrasco […]

Burning River Radio Gets on the Juice

This is a very special episode of Burning River Radio where in we discuss the merits of using performance enhancing drugs to get good at things, specifically, baseball. I'll refrain from going into any more detail here to keep the opinions a mystery, but know that this is a must listen for baseball (not just […]

Burning River Radio Ep. 8

Finally, Burning River Radio returns to your internets! This is the episode in which Mike admits he picked the White Sox to win the World Series this year and Joe discusses his beard trimming habits. Also included is extensive coverage of the current Indians vs. Tigers series, division race and everything that is entailed. Following […]

Burning River Radio Trivia Challange!

Burning River Radio is back after an unintentional break with our trivia challange. In this episode, Joe makes up a "Stump the Schwab" style quiz full of Indians trivia for Mike to answer. You can play along with some of the questions on Round one is available here and rounds two through four are […]