Here are the Indians color coded contractual considerations. From top to bottom, players that have signed long term contracts are listed first, followed by the arbitration eligible players in order of experience, ending with pre-arbitration eligible players. Players on 25 man roster, but not listed are pre-arb. In general it can be assumed that pre-arb players will make between $500 thousand (referred to as $500K from now on) and $600K. All players with available salary information will have their contract values posted. The majority of the numbers come from Cot’s Baseball Contracts and baseball-reference. Light blue means a player is under contract for that season, while dark blue represents an option year. Dark red blocks represent pre-arbitration seasons of team control and bright red blocks represent arbitration eligible seasons.

Updated: 8/9/2015
Player 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Corey Kluber $1M $4.5M $7.5M $10.5M $13M $13.5M $14M
Yan Gomes $1M $2.5M $4.5M $5.95M $7M $9M $11M
Jason Kipnis $4M $6M $9M $13.5M $14.5M $16.5M FA
Carlos Carrasco $2.34M $4.5M $6.5M $8M $9M $9.5M FA
Michael Brantley $5M $6.5M $7.5M $11M FA
Chris Johnson $6M $7.5M $9M $10M FA
Carlos Santana $6M $8.25M $12M FA
Ryan Raburn $2.5M $3M FA
Gavin Floyd $4M FA
Mike Aviles $3.5M FA
Ryan Webb $2.75M FA
Josh Tomlin $1.5M A3 FA
Jeff Manship $1M A2 A3 FA
Bryan Shaw $1.55M A2 A3 FA
Lonnie Chisenhall $2.25M A2 A3 FA
Zach McAllister $520.4K A1 A2 A3 FA
Cody Allen $547.1K A1 A2 A3 FA
Nick Hagadone $517.1K A1 A2 A3 FA
Danny Salazar PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Jerry Sands PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Trevor Bauer $1.94M PreArb A1 A2 A3 A4 FA
Austin Adams $507.7K PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Jesus Aguilar PreArb PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Kyle Crockett $510.9K PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Tyler Holt PreArb PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
T.J. House $511.9K PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
C.C. Lee PreArb PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Roberto Perez $508.6K PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Jose Ramirez $511.3K PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Zach Walters $509.6K PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Abraham Almonte $510.3K PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Francisco Lindor PreArb PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Cody Anderson PreArb PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Giovanny Urshela PreArb PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Total Under Contract $86.46M $39.85M $45.2M $39.95M $35.16M $5.16M $2M
  • ‘Total Under Contract’ for each season includes only guaranteed money. Buyouts, but not options.
  • Santana has a $1.2M buyout if the Indians decline his 2017 option.
  • Brantley has a $1M buyout for 2018.
  • Johnson has a $1M buyout for 2018.
  • Raburn has a $100K buyout for 2016.
  • Gomes has $1M buyouts for both 2020 and 2021.
  • Kipnis has a $2.5M buyout for 2020.
  • Atchison has a $100K buyout for 2016.
  • Carrasco has a $662.5K buyout for 2020.
  • Kluber has a $1M buyout for 2020 and 2021 and escalators for each year from 2019 through 2021 that could raise the contract total above $70M.
  • If the Angels don’t use David Murphy‘s $7M 2016 option, the Indians have to pay the $500K buyout.


The majority of the Indians roster should remain intact for the next five years as Kluber, Gomes, Kipnis and Carrasco have been signed through 2020 and a large number of other players, including Lindor and Urshela won’t even be eligible for free agency until after that season. For 2016, Floyd, Aviles, Webb, Manship and Sands will all be free agents and the Indians have the choice to use Raburn’s option or allow him to seek free agency as well.

In addition, McAllister, Hagadone, Allen and Salazar will all be eligible for arbitration for the first time while Bauer, Chisenhall and Shaw their second and Tomlin his third and final year of team control.

With the trades made from the last week in July 2015 through the first two weeks of August, the Indians cut $29.6M of guaranteed salaries off the books in 2016 in addition to the third year arbitration values of Marc Rzepczynski and Brandon Moss. They also cut the prorated values of the contracts for those two along with Nick Swisher, Michael Bourn and Murphy, although much of this was off-set by the near $15M sent to Atlanta in the trade.

2015 Contract Pie Chart

Updated 4/8
The chart below shows the distribution of funds by the 2015 Indians to different groups based on position at the start of the 2015 season. Surprisingly, even with the extensions to Kluber and Carrasco, the starting rotation is still the cheapest group, followed by the bullpen, which costs less per man. The second highest group is the one that includes players not on the 25 man roster such as Floyd and Swisher.

2015 Indians Salaries by Position