Here are the Indians color coded contractual considerations. From top to bottom, players that have signed long term contracts are listed first, followed by the arbitration eligible players in order of experience, ending with pre-arbitration eligible players. Players on 25 man roster, but not listed, are pre-arb. In general it can be assumed that pre-arb players will make between $500 thousand (referred to as $500K from now on) and $600K. All players with available salary information will have their contract values posted. The majority of the numbers come from Cot’s Baseball Contracts and baseball-reference.

A light blue square means a player is under contract for that season, while a dark blue square represents an option year. Dark red blocks represent pre-arbitration seasons of team control and bright red blocks represent arbitration eligible seasons. Minor League options for each player are listed in the first column. Option numbers come directly from the Cleveland Indians Media Guide.

Updated: 3/31/16
Player MiLB Opt 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Corey Kluber 0 $4.7M $7.7M $10.7M $13.2M $13.5M $14M
Yan Gomes 0 $2.583M $4.58M $6.03M $7.08M $9M $11M
Jason Kipnis 0 $6.166M $9.167M $13.667M $14.667M $16.5M FA
Carlos Carrasco 0 $4.5M $6.5M $8M $9M $9.5M FA
Michael Brantley 0 $7.375M $8.375M $11M FA    
Josh Tomlin 0 $2.25M $2.5M $3M      
Carlos Santana 0 $8.45M $12M FA      
Rajai Davis 0 $5.25M FA        
Mike Napoli 0 $7M FA        
Juan Uribe 0 $4M FA        
Tommy Hunter 0 $2M FA        
Marlon Byrd 0 $1M FA        
Ross Detwiler 0 $1M FA        
Joba Chamberlain 0 $1M FA        
Bryan Shaw 0 $2.75M A3 FA      
Lonnie Chisenhall 0 $2.725M A3 FA      
Collin Cowgill 0 $1M A3 A4 FA    
Zach McAllister 0 $1.3M A2 A3 FA    
Cody Allen 0 $4.15M A2 A3 FA    
Jeff Manship 0 $765K A2 A3 A4 FA  
Dan Otero 0 $520K A1 A2 A3 FA  
Trevor Bauer 0 $1.675M A1 A2 A3 A4 FA
Danny Salazar 0 $536.2K A1 A2 A3 A4 FA
Jose Ramirez 1 $518.2K PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Roberto Perez 3 $515.8K PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Austin Adams 1 PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Jesus Aguilar 1 PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Kyle Crockett 1 PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
T.J. House 1 PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Zach Walters 1 PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Abraham Almonte 1 PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Joey Butler 0 PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3 FA
Francisco Lindor 3 $540.3K PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3
Cody Anderson 2 $511.4K PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3
Giovanny Urshela 2 PreArb PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3
Giovanni Soto 3 PreArb PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3
Shawn Armstrong 2 PreArb PreArb PreArb A1 A2 A3
Tyler Naquin 3 $507.5K PreArb PreArb PreArb A1 A2
Chris Johnson NA $6.9925M $9M $1M FA    
Guaranteed Minimum   $82.28M $50.82M $41.14M $35.61M $5.16M $2.0M
  • ‘Guaranteed Minimum’ for each season includes only guaranteed money. Buyouts, but not options, arbitration projections or pre-arbitration values.
  • Chris Johnson was DFA’d, but is still owed $7.5M in 2016, $9M in 2017 and $1M in 2018. These numbers are reflected in the totals for each year.
  • Carlos Santana has a $1.2M buyout if the Indians decline his 2017 option.
  • Michael Brantley has a $1M buyout for 2018.
  • Yan Gomes has $1M buyouts for both 2020 and 2021.
  • Jason Kipnis has a $2.5M buyout for 2020.
  • Carlos Carrasco has a $662.5K buyout for 2020.
  • Corey Kluber has a $1M buyout for 2020 and 2021 and escalators for each year from 2019 through 2021 that could raise the contract total above $70M.
  • Josh Tomlin has a $750K buyout for 2018 and has escalators that could raise his three year deal to $12M based on total starts and innings.


Updated 3/31/2016
CaptureMuch more evenly distributed, the above pie chart shows the break down of Indians contracts by player with all eight pre-arbitration players combined together. With the unwieldy amounts owed to Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn removed, everyone on the roster is being paid between $500K and $9M and, in general, the most valuable veteran players are being paid the most money.

While the six players under long term deals and the long list of players in arbitration and pre-arbitration will see pay raises in 2017, the Indians could actually decrease pay-roll as $16M is owed to free agents on single year deals. Carlos Santana also has an interesting situation as the team holds a $12M option for next season (a bargain for a player of his quality), but is a free agent after that season. Other than him, Bryan Shaw and Lonnie Chisenhall, each player that was with the Indians in 2015 and is still with the team is under control for both 2017 and 2018.